Saturday, July 31, 2010

Work in Progress: Star Ornament

Star Ornament

Star, prototype: glitter paper

Three dimensional designs continue to be a challenge to me. At first glance, these stars look alright, but inspection reveals many miscalculations. As this is true, gluing was strenuous - holding all the points together when they didn't really want to meet.

Star prototype, varnished glitter paper

This sample shows the addition of star cut-outs. Just like me to decorate before the design is correct. This piece is actually unfinished to give a clue as to how the design is accomplished.

star prototype: paper

Each point is one cut, folded and glued together.
The points then glue to each other to form the star.

star prototype: paper

The design works, but it is still wrong. I am over trying to make it right.
I have to put it away until I am brave and patient enough to take a crack at it again.

1 comment:

dpoe said...

asking with an untrained eye ~ what isn't right with it yet?
very cool looking!!