Friday, August 20, 2010

Miniature Shoes: Felt Prototype

This is a view from my laptop. It shows different parts of the shoe. I can send these drawings to my KNK Maxx electronic cutter and they will be cut exactly as seen on screen. I can change the size of my cut to make smaller or larger shoes.

This view shows the KNK, (Klic-n-Kut), MAXX. The Maxx is a professional, heavy-duty electronic cutting machine. It looks good, but performs even better.
On a carrier sheet, you can see a piece of stiffened felt which has had it's shoe pieces, (and a bunny!) taken from the felt.

The felt shoe pieces on my worktable. I am getting ready to sew the pieces together with thread and a needle. I prefer to use sharps. They are small and sharp! Here I am using sewing thread.

The finished shoe fits Mag, my Asian Ball-Joint Doll. She is 1/3 scale. You can see that the shoes are stitched together on the outside of the shoe in a blanket stitch, meant to be seen. Note that the shoes are elongated and pointed into an elfish style.

Although I am pleased with the outcome, the sides of the shoes could be higher on the foot for a better and more stable fit. I will go in and adjust the design file accordingly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Work in Progress: The Common Things

The Common Things, paper, ink

This is a scan of one of my book pages for The Common Things. The original is a combination of machine and hand cutting. The landscape pieces are swiped with an ink pad for shadowing.