Friday, September 24, 2010

Winfield Photo Shoot

Ce Ce, Me, Winfield 2010

Temporary Tattoo Art

Winfield, Kansas hosts a Bluegrass festival in September each year. Although I appreciate the music and am married to a musician, my instrument of choice is a paintbrush.
This tattoo design features a dimensional miniature collage dome and jewels adhered to the skin. The design is a jagged root, piercing the skin, with drops of blood. Ruby red jewels enhance the effect of the blood. Instead of standing out, these jewels look as if they are concave. One person told her the design was "frightening". For an artist who makes miniature shoes and fairies, it is nice to visit the darker side.

The design is painted with a brush, then set with iridescent powder and sparse glitter. The iridescence is mica powder in blue and violet. It allows the detail of the paint to show through, but is metallic at other angles.

Phanie, Ce Ce, Siamese Twin Study

I discussed a concept with Ce Ce and before I knew it Phanie was in and the photo shoot was on. Aside from Ce Ce's tattoo, which was done the day before, we must have spent 6 or more hours working this idea.

By the end of the day - no more natural light - we were ready to shoot. Linda Cunningham stepped up to be our lighting tech. I think the effect is haunting.

Ce Ce styled the costume. I love the shared belt! I completed my concept with the dark and dramatic make up. We talked about the character of the sisters and how they do not shy away from their unique fashion just because they are conjoined.

This shot is completely raw. This shows off the belt, but the shadow on Phanie is too dark and the shared arm is awkward.

Sisters is an enhanced photo. I cut the girls out, then gave the background a chalk filter. I straightened Phanie's candle, which was leaning far to the side. I isolated Ce Ce's tattoo from another photo and used it to frame the photo. I finished the piece with multiple edgings and digital airbrush details. I may go in and give Ce Ce a flame for her candle.