Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beadwork: Floral Earrings

These earrings feature seed beads in iris finishes and polymer clay flowers. The light orange color on the flowers actually glows in the dark or under a black light. I like the way the beads look crinkly all together. If you look closely, you can see that among the tiniest beads I have thrown in a few of a slightly larger size.
Reds and deep coral combine for an unusual palette against the purples of the seed beads and the iris beads. The tiny floral cups are polymer clay.

The term iris describes the multicolored metallic finish as seen above. It refers to Iris, Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beadwork: Floral Necklace

This piece features polymer clay blossoms in red metallic, orange, yellow and green with little black speckles. I wrapped the petals around vintage floral stamens.

Beautiful matte seed beads are woven into a lace-like pattern with tiny gold-lined bead points for the necklace itself.
The floral pieces are then embellished on top. Coral lined transparent green seed beads make dewy leaf shapes in which to nestle the blossoms. A couple of cranberry colored beads make for ripe berries.

Floral Necklace: Glass seed beads, polymer clay, floral stamens

This necklace fits as a choker. It has a magnetic clasp, which makes it really easy to put on and off.

The focal beadwork hangs loose from the necklace for some movement in the piece. However, each strand is knotted for security. I singe the thread ends with a lighter so the knots don't unravel.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Flowers

flower: foil paper

Paper flowers are a staple for me. I use them on cards, paper dolls, magnets, gift tags, even hair ornaments.

I cut many, many flowers in different papers and sizes. Some petals are cut from green paper to become the leaves. I choose pieces to put together to make a flower with multiple layers. Each piece gets a dot of glue - just a dot. Then the pieces are stacked to make dimensional flowers. They are finished with a center of paint, glitter or jewel.

paper flower: foil, glitter and pearl paper

This white flower is a good example of mixing papers, shapes and textures. The center sparkles, the pearl paper has a soft sheen and the green foil creates dark and light play with it's mirror finish. There are three different floral patterns used, yet the flower itself is still a simple design.

miniature crowns: dresdens, mini flowers

Miniature Crowns

These miniature crowns are pure folly. A work in progress, these tiny crowns
use multiple floral elements in a simple palette of white with splashes of bright color. The surface of the glittered paper is sand-like and adds textural interest.

I love the little berry sprays in green foil paper, a delicate accent perfect for this project.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Paper Silverware

foil paper

I love this design. As you can see, the silverware can be cut very small. I used a ball stylus in a circular motion to give the spoon a little dip.

foil paper

These would be fun to use on a dinner party invitation or anything food related.
I can also see them with a diner motif. Picture red gingham.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work in Progress: The Common Things

"A thousand starlings beat the air with wounded wings.."
illustration: paper, ink

The Common Things

My husband Mark Horton wrote a song about us many years ago. This year I illustrated the song. As a continuing gift, (now months in the making), I am scanning the pages to produce a small book.

Using various patterned paper and my electronic cutter, I interpret his lyrics. The inking is done with a pigment ink pad, resulting in an aged look.

First draft illustration, paper, ink, netting, mini brads, text

The arm on the original illustration is articulated. Since each piece of cut paper is a design file, I have them to cut whenever I need them. This particular panel is designed with a future in a pop-up card, hence the movement consideration.

A labor of love.

Happy Anniversary, Mark