Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Flowers

flower: foil paper

Paper flowers are a staple for me. I use them on cards, paper dolls, magnets, gift tags, even hair ornaments.

I cut many, many flowers in different papers and sizes. Some petals are cut from green paper to become the leaves. I choose pieces to put together to make a flower with multiple layers. Each piece gets a dot of glue - just a dot. Then the pieces are stacked to make dimensional flowers. They are finished with a center of paint, glitter or jewel.

paper flower: foil, glitter and pearl paper

This white flower is a good example of mixing papers, shapes and textures. The center sparkles, the pearl paper has a soft sheen and the green foil creates dark and light play with it's mirror finish. There are three different floral patterns used, yet the flower itself is still a simple design.

miniature crowns: dresdens, mini flowers

Miniature Crowns

These miniature crowns are pure folly. A work in progress, these tiny crowns
use multiple floral elements in a simple palette of white with splashes of bright color. The surface of the glittered paper is sand-like and adds textural interest.

I love the little berry sprays in green foil paper, a delicate accent perfect for this project.

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