Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work in Progress: The Common Things

"A thousand starlings beat the air with wounded wings.."
illustration: paper, ink

The Common Things

My husband Mark Horton wrote a song about us many years ago. This year I illustrated the song. As a continuing gift, (now months in the making), I am scanning the pages to produce a small book.

Using various patterned paper and my electronic cutter, I interpret his lyrics. The inking is done with a pigment ink pad, resulting in an aged look.

First draft illustration, paper, ink, netting, mini brads, text

The arm on the original illustration is articulated. Since each piece of cut paper is a design file, I have them to cut whenever I need them. This particular panel is designed with a future in a pop-up card, hence the movement consideration.

A labor of love.

Happy Anniversary, Mark


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thankfully, i went back to your profile page to see if i've missed anything. i did miss this! so cool, and so sweet!