Saturday, July 31, 2010

Work in Progress: Star Ornament

Star Ornament

Star, prototype: glitter paper

Three dimensional designs continue to be a challenge to me. At first glance, these stars look alright, but inspection reveals many miscalculations. As this is true, gluing was strenuous - holding all the points together when they didn't really want to meet.

Star prototype, varnished glitter paper

This sample shows the addition of star cut-outs. Just like me to decorate before the design is correct. This piece is actually unfinished to give a clue as to how the design is accomplished.

star prototype: paper

Each point is one cut, folded and glued together.
The points then glue to each other to form the star.

star prototype: paper

The design works, but it is still wrong. I am over trying to make it right.
I have to put it away until I am brave and patient enough to take a crack at it again.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paper Dolls: Evelyn Tripp

Evelyn Tripp

Evelyn Tripp

Evelyn Tripp was a favorite model of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, due to her dramatic features and willowy stature. She was uncommonly beautiful and graceful, exemplifying the glamour of postwar American fashion.

The enchanting couture of the day could not have found a better muse than Evelyn Tripp. She appeared on over 40 magazine covers including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her sleek, structured frame and easy, classic style showcased the tailored lines typical of the era.

Evelyn was considered one of the most versatile models in the world of fashion. She was photographed by the best. Original prints of her image command top dollar today.

Evelyn's beauty is timeless. Her stunning profile, swanlike neck and doe eyes still mesmerize.

Evelyn Paper Dolls

varnished glitter paper, glitter

paper, glitter

These paper fashions are inspired by the lines of the day. They are mechanically cut, then hand detailed and embellished.

foiled paper, pink dresden, glitter, tulle, silk ribbon, foil buckle

foiled paper, glitter

Each set is unique. The doll and clothes are magnetic.

Thank You to Karen Eaton-Hinz and Jennifer Eaton, Evelyn's sister and niece, for encouraging the design of this paper doll and her expanding wardrobe.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TODAY'S FIND: Tacky Glue in a PEN!

This rocks my world. I have been buying the miniature sets of four glues in the Aileen's brand. I refill them with the large size Tacky Glue. Now it is available in a pen for less than $3.00. The design is more comfortable for the hand and the tip is much finer than the bottles.

The body of the glue is not the same formula as the original Tacky Glue. It is thinner. The glue strength is the same, but the grab takes a little longer. I don't like it as well for paper seams, but love it for applying glitter and small embellishments. The fine tip and thinner body allow the glue to be used as a decorative medium as well as an adhesive.

Paper Dolls

Evelyn dress, paper, bronze dresden


I have made paper dolls since I can remember. These are the latest of my creations. Evelyn is after Evelyn Tripp, 1960's supermodel. More on her to come. I am currently working on a twin set for twin sisters - her twin sisters.

The dresses are on my workbench, in various stages. Below you can see the dress changes with various details. Aren't Sharpies wonderful? The new generation of fine line pens and markers are so accessible and I like the results. I carry one with me at all times.

Little Retro Girl

little retro girl, new design!

I am finding fans of my paper dolls in little girls. I thought I would design a doll that was more like them - rounder, shorter, littler. I wanted a set that had simple lines. The retro prints on the market are perfect for her itty bitty clothes. This first set will fit in a tin, pocket sized, and is magnetic.

little retro girl with clothes and sunglasses - glitter-fied

Evelyn's Wardrobe, sneak peek

Evelyn wardrobe, twin dresses

Evelyn wardrobe twin dresses for twin sisters

These dresses are made with glittered paper that is laminated or varnished. They have a medium sparkle and no mess. Some glitter papers will fill your world with much reflective debris. Glitter gets everywhere.

At this point, I am probably a certain percentage glitter, but you might not want to be. Whether testing for loose particles or checking the weight of the paper, I recommend touching the paper whenever possible.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper Shoes

Paper Shoe, paper, red and pink dresdens, manget sole, pearl and jewel.
Tiny pearl paper buckles. These designs will be in my book!
Tiny little buckles or really big quarter?

Paper Elf Shoes, paper, gold foil doily, pink dresdens, tiny jewels,
creme mini pom, red foam sole.

I have been working on templates for miniature shoes for a few months now. I continue to design, tweak and reconstruct the pattern to make them as close to a proper shoe as possible. Once the templates are designed, I can cut many of them in various sizes. I also designed the buckles and flowers that adorn the shoes.
These are about 3/4" long. Blue Foil Paper

Paper shoes on my work lamp. They have magnetic soles.

Now that I have a good shoe box design, the shoes will soon be ready to be out into the world.