Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper Shoes

Paper Shoe, paper, red and pink dresdens, manget sole, pearl and jewel.
Tiny pearl paper buckles. These designs will be in my book!
Tiny little buckles or really big quarter?

Paper Elf Shoes, paper, gold foil doily, pink dresdens, tiny jewels,
creme mini pom, red foam sole.

I have been working on templates for miniature shoes for a few months now. I continue to design, tweak and reconstruct the pattern to make them as close to a proper shoe as possible. Once the templates are designed, I can cut many of them in various sizes. I also designed the buckles and flowers that adorn the shoes.
These are about 3/4" long. Blue Foil Paper

Paper shoes on my work lamp. They have magnetic soles.

Now that I have a good shoe box design, the shoes will soon be ready to be out into the world.

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