Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paper Dolls

Evelyn dress, paper, bronze dresden


I have made paper dolls since I can remember. These are the latest of my creations. Evelyn is after Evelyn Tripp, 1960's supermodel. More on her to come. I am currently working on a twin set for twin sisters - her twin sisters.

The dresses are on my workbench, in various stages. Below you can see the dress changes with various details. Aren't Sharpies wonderful? The new generation of fine line pens and markers are so accessible and I like the results. I carry one with me at all times.

Little Retro Girl

little retro girl, new design!

I am finding fans of my paper dolls in little girls. I thought I would design a doll that was more like them - rounder, shorter, littler. I wanted a set that had simple lines. The retro prints on the market are perfect for her itty bitty clothes. This first set will fit in a tin, pocket sized, and is magnetic.

little retro girl with clothes and sunglasses - glitter-fied

Evelyn's Wardrobe, sneak peek

Evelyn wardrobe, twin dresses

Evelyn wardrobe twin dresses for twin sisters

These dresses are made with glittered paper that is laminated or varnished. They have a medium sparkle and no mess. Some glitter papers will fill your world with much reflective debris. Glitter gets everywhere.

At this point, I am probably a certain percentage glitter, but you might not want to be. Whether testing for loose particles or checking the weight of the paper, I recommend touching the paper whenever possible.


Nancy said...

I love your work! Paper dolls bring back such wonderful memories. Thanks for blogging these!

MaryKaren said...

These are excited ! MaryKaren

Sue said...

Paper dolls were my favorites as a little girl! I think it was McCalls magazine that had a doll you could cut out & they published new clothes for her in each issue. I used to design my own clothes for her and color them with crayons. Thanks for triggering that happy memory for me. I think I'll go look for paper dolls I can download right now!