Monday, November 8, 2010

Paper Dolls: Minni Mod

Minni Mod, wardrobe and case.

Introducing Minni Mod. She is an original jointed paper doll, standing 5", though she thinks she is taller. She is actually made of a new plastic paper that makes her durable and lightly washable.

Her wardrobe is made of patterned paper - oh! the patterns. Minni likes earthy tones, reds and especially green. She has a unique style, but doesn't fancy much glitter. You can see a sampling of her wardrobe spilling out of her little red and white polka dot case.

Here's Minni's poster. She poses with her guitar. It goes everywhere with her. She also has a pair of purple pearl fairy wings for the times when she feels a touch of whimsy.

Here she is - ready for the stage. She wears her favorite red hat and polka dot dress. Minni Mod has a magnetic wardrobe. She and her clothes are illustrated, crafted and embellished by hand. Many outfits are detailed with ribbon and other trims.

The fun thing is, you can also design your own fashions with blanks or get more outfits that will fit her.

Minni is able to be gently dressed and posed, but is an art doll and not for small children. Will she come home to you?