Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Bird

This little retro style bird is a new design, shown here made of Yupo. It has a little hole for hanging with a length of fishing line. I made a mobile and drew wild designs on several. The simplicity of white works too.

A flock of big-eyed birds land on my pen tab. They are prototypes trying to get the hanging hole placed correctly. I cut new designs in miniature to conserve material. I often cut 10 or more to get them right.

This view shows my cutting software screen. The eye detail is connected by a thin line to the bird body. The biggest challenge for me is getting the tail to fit snugly onto the body. The red areas you see are cut lines. They are a different color than the outline because they will be cut before the outer areas in black. Along with this issue, when the size of the bird changes the scale must change, but the width of the wing slit must stay the same. This is because the width of the paper doesn't change. Likewise, the tail slot must be adjusted.

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