Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giant Silk Moth

After some research, I have found that my egg-dropping friend is a Giant Silk Worm Moth. Wow! It is the largest moth in North America. I do not see any reference to Kansas, however. I am afraid the moth is either injured or not very bright. Laying her eggs around a gas meter on a concrete sidewalk is certain starvation for the creature that will grow within.

This moth is either a Robin or a Columbia Silk Moth. Any informati0n would be most welcomed. I found this moth is often bred in classrooms. There are sites that sell their eggs. It seems a shoebox is a major component in this endeavor. So I went back to the bank, picked up a half-dozen or so eggs with disposable chopsticks and placed them in a glass test tube. Still actively laying eggs, I avoided getting near her. I will go back tomorrow and see what has transpired overnight. At the very least, I will put them in a tree if I can learn the kind of tree they need.

One site told of the evolutionary aspects of the colors and patterns of these moths. The extreme bright colors and threatening images suggested by the patterns on the wings keep predators away. Faux eyes and fangs are depicted in the camoflauge. What makes these moths such a delicacy? They supposedly taste like raw shrimp.

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