Friday, May 27, 2011

Yupo Octopus Cameo

First of all - What is Yupo? Yupo is a synthetic paper. It is water resistant, sturdy, easy to cut and a good medium for acrylic, watercolor, alcohol ink and more. Here I am using it blank.

What is Yupo Octopus? It is a new product just released. It is a sticky-backed version of Yupo. The adhesive quality is wonderful for layering, making stencils, great for paper dolls, window art and more. I have barely begun to experiment.

Above, you can see a bad cut not worth weeding. It shows one layer of the cameo. There are five layers in all. Each layer is stacked to create a special effect. The negative space shows the cameo has been removed from the sheet. I often got mixed up in designing as it requires some backwards thinking.

The great thing about the Octopus is that it can be instantly adhered to the previous layer easily. Why is it called "Octopus"? Because the stick-to-it quality is not adhesive at all, but microscopic suction cups. I have been sticking pieces of it all over to see what it will stick to!

This is the cameo, unlit. As you can see, it appears opaque.

Light behind the cameo creates a soft, three-dimensional effect. I think I will use her on a night light. I am so pleased with my first successful cameo. Oooh! Wouldn't she be pretty on a window? I am going to design some roses for her.

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JULI said...

oh nanetta! this is breathtaking! i'm constantly in awe of your talent and vision! you are truly a gifted artist! xo juli