Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Doll Poses

Posing for photographs to be used in designing paper dolls has a few requirements. The most important consideration is the silhouette or outline your body will make. A good pose is one where the arms are away from the body as above. I prefer this as it makes a nice form for sleeves and shows off the waist.

The face is at a 3/4 view, which is a flattering view for nearly everyone. I have designed several dolls in profile. A close-up is helpful in getting every fine detail of the face.

This model of yesteryear has an inspiring profile. She is a timeless and classic beauty. Were I using her for a paper doll, I would trim the hair from the neck to give the neck more style and make it easier to design necklines and hats.

Lucy's main pose is nearly ideal for me. Her legs are separated at the knee, making for a strong stance and feminine pose. Her hands are delicate, shoulders straight, waist defined and the expression on her face - that really sells it. Notice in both paper dolls how the shoulders are bare and the base outfit - shorts or lingerie are tight-fitting to allow the best building of clothes on the model.

The alternative pose is very popular. Not only are hands on the hips a sturdy pose, but it allows for the doll to hold items in front of her. However, it is not one of my favorites. I like to see the hands.

Dita is personification of the ideal feminine form and this pose would be perfect if her arms were posed another way. As for the body, I love the way she is standing, the waist is nipped in with the corset and her legs are fantastic. Look at the lines of her body against the background. The simpler the backdrop, the easier it is to visualize a cut-out.

When posing for a paper doll, keep in mind the shoes, hair and accessories. Would a doll of you wear heels, flats or cowboy boots? Are you known for wearing hats? Do you play an instrument, have a hobby or dig stripey tights? What kinds of clothes would you wear? Would your wardrobe be realistic, fantastic or casual and glamorous? Are you a Lucy or a Dita?

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