Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Doll Studio

Mini Mod is trying on wings, tiara and a red dress before she even gets her arms. She is standing across from her blank twin. She hardly seems to notice. If only I could say it was unusul for my workspace to be this cluttered.

A little assembly line of doll clothes customizing lies before the odd shadow that is cast by my laptop. These clothes are held onto the doll with magnets.
Scissors and Sharpies are always close at hand, regardless of what I am working on. The orange Fiskars are reasonably priced and handy for precise trimming and cutting.

I especially like the double-tip Sharpie seen above. It has a regular tip and a fine tip. I edge with the former and detail with the latter.

X-acto knife, needle tool, more pens and tiny clothespins encircle the itty bitty fashions - all at the ready to help make each piece unique. Boxes of minutia are everywhere.

Plotting Mini. Silhouettes on a computer screen represent cutting lines for my Klic-n-Kut Maxx Digital cutter. You can see Mini Mod's parts, including alternative ideas as in the different stands. Reasearch tells me there is no right way. Many artists have innovated different ways to make their dolls stand. I ended up using the oval design - the simplest one.

Mini Mod's design includes a face stencil. You can see the cut-out area as white. This makes it easy to reproduce her features by hand. Check out her guitar. It is made of six pieces! What is the loopy thing and all the circles? The circles are tiny washers to ease movement of the paper joints. I cut many at a time, because they are so easy to lose. The loopy thing is an unfinished leash for a pet yet undesigned. Any suggestions?

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