Friday, May 11, 2012

Studio Assistants

This is Jin-Jin.  Though she has only been on staff for a few months, she has become an honored member of  Jin-Jin is mostly chihuahua, but seems to have a bit of ferret, fox and monkey in her personality.  The chair pictured is immediately to my left.

Jin-Jin is in charge of quality control.  She will express herself by chewing an item to oblivion.  I will find her with a beaded pin shredded, tiny beads like sand on my futon.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know what quality means.  She thinks it is a flavor.  I must find her a new position.

Banjo, after a protracted hiatus of hating me, is now back in the studio.  Nothing like the thought of a younger replacement to make one act a little nicer.  Banjo, a papillon, is my public relations guy.  At a party, he is as much a social butterfly as his wispy ears indicate.  He will even wear a hat.  He has two.  You can imagine the marketing nightmare when your representative swears at you in dog in front of people, then shamelessly promotes his own agenda; attention for himself.  Glad to have you back, Banjo!  

My "staff" and I hope to get back to sharing the studio life.  Uh-oh!  I hear crunching....

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