Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue Fairy and Friends

A fairy blowing a kiss is my newest fanciful being. She is painted with alcohol inks applied with a dropper and finished with a brush. The sheen is Jo Sonya's iridescent blue, following the lines of the ink patterns.

You can see the difference in this photo. When the ink is overpainted with the iridescence it creates multiple light effects. In bright light, it is light colored. In less light, the brilliance of the blue comes through. These ladies would be great where they would catch the light, but as any art piece, direct sunlight is never a good idea if you want to preserve the original color.
A green fairy is painted with ink only. I will be going over the surface with iridescence, not necessarily the same color.
This fairy allows for beads or flowers to be hung from her hand and from the tiny hole in her wing fronds, evident in the middle photo. The fairies will be made singular and as mobile elements.

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