Monday, June 6, 2011

Soiled Dove Puppet

This puppet is made of Yupo, with Yupo Octopus for the dress. The dress is three pieces: dress, neck ruffle and sleeve ruffles. The Octopus has a smooth top surface that allows for fine detail. I drew with Prismacolor marker and Sharpie. The back of Octopus is the adhesive quality of micro suction cups. The clothes stick to the puppet like magic.

Not the clearest photo here, but it shows the puppet undressed. You can see the structure of her body. This soiled dove is made of a rigid sheet of Yupo fused to the Octopus. This way, all the pieces are sticky on the back and there is no hardware for the joints. This gal ended up getting smaller hands. I also am doing test shots to see what backgrounds I like. The green floral here softens the overall look.

This is a mat of weeded, cut puppet pieces for my puppet.
There are right and left multiple hands with varying gestures. The weird poofy shapes will be feathered trim for her hat.

Although it was nice to avoid eyelets and brads, moving the pieces around was laborious. As my ultimate goal is to have her move, I decided to go back to hardware. She is much easier to handle when she is together.

Through my research, I found a technique where the puppet is jointed with the eyelet and brad method, but the top layer has no holes, covering the top of the brad, giving a smooth look. I am going to try this.


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