Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Show Photos: ROOTS

Roots: Photos by Lincoln Scott
She Dreams in Blue

Roots was a show of mixed-media sculptures at the Unitarian Church Gallery in Wichita, Kansas. They were gracious hosts and the show was quite successful. Thank you.
She Dreams in Blue is my favorite. I like the blue staining and her stance. The wood base is antiqued with stains. The turquoise color is a permanent ink pad, swiftly swiped over the surface.
This collection features polymer clay root people. The faces are sculpted first, then the arms and legs. All of the roots were formed in batches. The clay was conditioned, (kneaded), and rolled into snakes of various widths. I rolled the clay further until it wiggled into corkskrews, pinched the end and made a hole for stitching into place.
I rummaged through my rust, fabric and lace collections to find just the right pieces. Bead embroidery is the glue of the designs.

Root King Dreams, a relief sculpt, led me to a new discovery. The aged coloring is deceptively simple. I sculpted in white, stained with caramel alcohol ink dropped from the bottle onto the face surface, then rubbed it off. The heavier the ink, the darker it stained. It is finished with a wash of blue/black acrylic paint, which is also removed with a soft cloth.
The fiber is wool, rayon and chenille. Brass leaf stampings repeat for a forest floor rhythm. Tiny cup forms are made of pearl polymer clay.

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