Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beadwork: Red Floral

Red Floral Beaded Necklace, polymer clay, glass beads, nymo thread

Polymer clay floral blossoms in red and black make for a dark romantic necklace. The combination of red and iris beads are an exotic mix. The red cranberry colored glass beads are a nice compliment to the sparse sprinkling of red coral pieces. The matte iris berry beads reflect the matte finish of the florals.

Iris describes the multi-colored finish of glass beads. This necklace has a mix of blue and purple iris beads as it's foundation. Notice the few spots of blue mixed in.

This is a good example of the fringing that the blossoms are nestled within. Fringes are branched beadwork, each knotted at the base to allow for easy movement, as fringe should have. Branched fringes become shorter and more spaced on the necklace itself, completing the statement.

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betty said...

Love it, Nanetta!!