Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing the BLOG

I try to be organized. I really do.
I have boxes, baskets, bags, drawers, bins and shelves galore. I have suitcases, train cases, totes, crates, cigar boxes and tins for every imaginable need.
My world is filled with stuff. Cool stuff. Fun stuff. Dusty stuff. Lots and lots of shiny stuff. Be it fiber, paper, beads, clay or collage, each medium has it's cache.
The great thing about this is that I have at hand many wonderful elements for my own use and to share with students and kids and friends. The down side is that I am challenged constantly for a system that will keep me organized. So far, nothing has cured me of working at a 4X6 area. Perhaps the supplies are a barricade or a nest. I guess it depends on the day.
I bring this up because it is this very desire to organize which has kept me from initiating and continuing a blog. How do I start? Where do I put things? What do I call it? So my ideas and words pile up like the stacks of cut paper that surround my laptop. I have never been organized, nor limited to one art or craft. I have always walked a crooked path. Why do I think it should change now? Follow me on my creative adventure.


Tanya said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

Mark said...

I'm following! Lead on!